A Photo Project by Keith Botha

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What will Your 2021 Time Capsule Reveal?


NFT-TimeCapsule, a photography collection by Keith Botha, captures the people, places and events that create the NFT community.

The Genesis 2021 collection includes 555 individual photography NFTs by Botha. Minted on the Ethereum Blockchain these tokens will provide access to a photography community that will be launched in early 2022.

Keith Botha, a photographer and videographer, has created documentaries and commercial projects for over a decade. An early adopter of the NFT space, Botha was present for the events that shaped the 2021 NFT landscape. His lens provides a unique perspective and insight to behind the scenes moments of the NFT world.


Photography is an important medium as a creative expression. This 2021 Genesis Collection for NFT-TimeCapsule is the first documentation of this vibrant and emerging community.

As a holder of this Genesis Collection, you will have early access to the NFT-TimeCapsule. An invitation to the discord and announcements will be made in January 2022. Exclusive drops, special commissions, experiences and events for 2022 are planned. Printed and signed editions will be available to holders of multiple tokens.

Are you ready to be a part of the NFT-TimeCapsule?